Glasses little face movement sensitivity

Hello guys, thank you for the work you do… and sorry for my english.
I need help for three.js filter sunglasses.
The problem is slow movement of the glasses… poor sensitivity.
they have too big a movement game.
with small head movements, the glasses remain still.

Is it possible to increase the sensitivity of movement? to make the glasses more fixed on the face?



Thanks for the reply.
I created that post on stackoverflow.
i use this library : in demos/threejs folder VTO.
I understand that maybe I’m asking for a stupid thing because I also use jeeliz. I don’t know these libraries. I need a real-time filter for sunglasses.

I modified the js file to adapt the new obj:

the glasses do not move perfectly together with the face. if rapid movements are made, they follow slowly. as if they are “dancing”

I believe it is necessary to fix the endpoint of the glasses bridge to the nose. so as to seem at least glued to the center.
I thank you for your patience