Getting iterated image texture in iterated material in iterated plane objects

I’m searching now on how to accomplish this, and may find how before answered,
But just asking in case I don’t…

I am generating new plane objects, then applying a pre designed blender material to them.

I am renaming each material to be an iterated name, ie: Mat_001, Mat_002 etc…

the specific THING I need to have access to, is the IMAGE TEXTURE in the copied material iterations.

How can I go and make EACH new material for each new object generated, habe a NEW iterated name, so that THAT new renamed texture in the new material,in the new object, can be replaced with a UNIQUE, pre-designated IMAGE?


I’m afraid it’s not clear what you are looking for. Do you mind explain in more detail? Or maybe showing some code?

Well this is all in Google blockly (verge 3d) so, kind of hard to share here sorry…

I want to be able to GET the image texture of a cloned object’s renamed material, so that I can rename the cloned object’s cloned material’s cloned image texture so that it is now unique, and able to receive a unique replacement image, different for each clone.

Hope that’s better

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