Front End Software Developer for Three.JS Project

Steady Flux is an engineering company that invents and develops products across several different markets. We are looking for an innovative problem solver to help us bring products to market. One of our products requires the development of a standalone software application to analyze and display large sets of 2-dimensional data gathered by a specialized tool. The two-dimensional data is being superimposed over a 3D and flattened 2D spline that represents the tool path. The role that we are looking to fill will focus on the display and user interface with that data, within the software application.

The images generated with the software application will be used to report findings to the customer. The role which we are trying to fill will focus on the implementation of the graphics and manipulation of those graphics within the application.

Job Requirements:

  1. 3+ years of experience with WebGL and – specifically – Three.js development experience.
  2. Experienced with JavaScript and NodeJS.
  3. Experience in mapping and manipulating large data sets over simplified curves and paths.
  4. A history of design and implementation of a user interface that allows data display and manipulation in real time, optimizing the user/data interaction to minimize redraw times and make the user experience as seamless as possible.
  5. Knowledge and experience implementing common user features such as zoom, pan, and data selection.
  6. Clear communication that maximizes workflow across our team of engineers, field technicians, and graphics layout team to develop the standalone application.
  7. A strong background in math is preferred, to allow development and improvement in the drawing of a spline through user defined points.
  8. Good grasp of version control systems like GIT and Github.
  9. Major plus if you have published open-source works we can code-review to determine your skillset.

Job Type:

This will be a contract position at 20-30 hours per week up to full time.

How To Apply:

Please send an email to cb (AT) and include inside of it the following:
1.) Subject line: “Apply for Three.JS Contract Position”
2.) Attach resume as a PDF or DOCx file.
3.) Include link to Github Profile.

As i m a three js and webl developer
i m interesting in your post ,
i have experiences for 5 years in threejs and webgl development field.
i would like to discuss more details via telegram or discord about your project.
telegram - @dsodineum
discord - ! DS#0631
thank you

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