Firefox in MacOS throws a WebGL error

My webapp fails to run on Firefox 95.0.2 on macos 12.1 with the following errors:

WebGL warning: <Present>: Swap chain surface creation failed. three.module.js:25935:3
WebGL context was lost. three.module.js:25935:3
THREE.WebGLRenderer: Context Lost. three.module.js:25935:11
THREE.WebGLRenderer: Context Restored.

Thinking that this may be a MacOS, and WebGL2 related I forced WebGL1 via
_renderer = new THREE_WebGL1Renderer();
and verified that isWebGL2: false, with:
console.log('isWebGL2', _renderer.capabilities.isWebGL2);
But the error still occurs…

The webapp runs ok on other browsers in macos 12.1, and in other OSs, e.g.

Any ideas where I should look to resolve the WebGL problem in Firefox in macOS 12.1?


Um, I have never seen this warning. I would report this issue directly at Bugzilla: