Fbx animations and the projector


what i want to do
i want to load a fbx animation to create a polystream out of the animation. i’m planned to use the projector to grab the poly data.

my problem
loading and displaying the fbx via webgl works fine. i’m using the fbx from the examples.
i can grab data via the projector and i’m displaying the data with lines…

unforunately the animation itself is not reflected to the projector generated data. it shows only the initial state of the animation…

did i do something wrong or doesn’t the projector support this?
is there an easy way to fix that?

greetz and thx :wink:

want to load a fbx animation to create a polystream out of the animation

What is a polystream?

Whatever you are trying to do, can you make a simpler version without the FBXLoader (say, with a rotating cube) and verify that works?

Then if you still need help, please create a live example with codepen and we can go from there.

a polystream is that what you get out of the projector. an array of polys with screen coordinates… included calcs for the camera and stuff… it’s later used to replay on an oldschool computer…

yup…i’ll go for the cube…

ah well… i’ll skip it… after reading a bit on the mainpage about animations
/…/ animation system [has completely changed in 2015] /…/ so projector will surely not support this…

i have a working example for what i want to do in c++ with the autodesk fbx sdk… threejs was more to train typescript/javascript a bit. and i invested already alot more time i planned to anyway

thanks for the help…