EXTREME opportunity

My son’s company (Loci) is developing an extremely interesting product line, based upon our patent. I have developed a prototype for one product in 3JS and cannot imagine using anything else right now because of the function needed. The function is described in a short (well, 800 pages or so), granted patent ( see the list of companies we BEAT on the idea: http://google.com/patents/US20140075004#forward-citations ). The value of the idea is EXTREME as well - the company is valued – you won’t believe it and it is going up, so I will let you know when you connect).

Basically, the patent describes how to determine the future value of a future concept - mapping the wall between the known and the unknown, and figuring out what the value is in an area of the map. It needs to be in 3D. It is a 3D virtual map of a categorization. There is more, such as how we get people to use it and how investors want to use it, but that is for later too.

Loci needs 3JS talent and needs it like yesterday. Really high skill levels are needed. 3JS, react, angular. Server side is functioning. (Prototype is functioning, but my code sucks.) Loci has and will grow fast. Money is not the issue any longer.

The work will involve development of a multi-viewport ‘workstation’ class tool, where the base is HTML5 ++ and the viewports have either 3JS, d3, OR html. (no mix of 3JS and D3 needed). Local (No. Virginia, Wash DC, Maryland) is good. If not local, communication skills must be EXTREME.

The projected number of users is > 1,000,000, and the company is barely 2 years from first organizing. HOT is an understatement.

Please connect. dennis @ locipro.com