Export KMZ from SketchUp

On the stage, dark objects until you move the mouse, I attach the archive.

777.rar (1.8 MB)

Not an answer, just a short remark:
light.position.set( camera.position.x, camera.position.y ,camera.position.z ); could be simplified to light.position.copy( camera.position );

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Are you referring to the editor? Yes, this is a known issue. An additional rendering is necessary in order to render the uploaded textures. When doing so, the model looks fine:

Please help with a rendering code?
And there are no edges on the timber, the walls are solid. SketchUp 2018 editor. Can be exported OBJ.

Can you also export to glTF instead?


Exported, scroll with the mouse to see.
There are a lot of errors in the browser in the console, what should I do to remove it?

These are only warnings no errors. You can avoid resizing by using POT (power-of-two) textures or by setting Texture.minFilter to THREE.LinearFilter.

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No window transparency

In technical support for exports from SketchUp, they wrote:

It seems the issue is that GLTF currently does not support transparency with textures.

So I removed the texture from the glass material.

Please find the result GLTF file below

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