Experience to learn more about blood composition

Hi ! Here is a little three.js experience we did for a school project : http://blood-in.eythansaillet.com/
With that, you will learn the basics about blood :slight_smile: Put your headphones, we worked hard on the sound and the music.
The texts are only in french, but you can enjoy the rest :slight_smile:

github : GitHub - eythanSaillet/blood-in: WebGL experience to learn more about blood composition πŸ’‰


Great job, love the smooth animation!

Unfortunately my French is way too rusty to understand the text :sweat_smile:

Nice! One moment: when you start on the computer everything freezes, click with the mouse - nothing happens. It’s not obvious that you have to press a key enter. ))

Also made an application about blood http://js.otrisovano.ru/laboratory/ )))

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Thanks a lot !

Yeah i know :confused: the freeze is because my friend used text geometry instead of flat texture to display informations about blood. But after the loader, it is say that you have to press a key, but in french haha

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