Error.exe an in browser BSD and recursive windows error


I had a bit of spare time so built something completely pointless :rofl:

demo here… error - CodeSandbox

would anyone know how dynamic usage of instances in something like this would be done with R3F, i gave it a try but react just rerendered all objects every frame resulting in flashing and jank…


That was scary. It brought back some forgotten softmares (i.e. software nightmares).

You can turn it into a game – all dialogs will close successfully only if the player clicks on the [OK] button of the latest modal dialog.

PS. I saw the URL in the BSOD screen


:joy::sweat_smile: Yeah I guess that was maybe part of the intention with it aha!

Gamifying it could be cool, I had the thought at one stage but as the OK and close buttons of the first error box are seperate mesh layovers it felt a bit long to create the instance mesh logic for each recurrence…

Ah, right I’m not sure why the URL was missing from the URL bar but I’m not sure the url in the BSOD even exists (yet) it’s just the sandbox running in full screen, here…

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seeing an .exe error scares me, do not click the ok, just screen shot and report to google chrome, it might be a malicious windows program and not a bug.

:rofl: Yes definitely report it to Google chrome :joy:
Running an exe in browser is not possible, unless you use something like IE 2005 :sweat_smile:

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