Effects on indivdual images

Hi there,

been looking for ways to use the effects composer to target specific images mapped to planes instead of targeting the whole screen / scene. Say I want to blur textures asynchronously… or glitch one scene object but not another… is there a way to do that?

Is there a way for composer to target specific materials or objects rather than the whole scene?

I looked into Pixi.js (Pixi has a colormatrix transformer for sprites, but apparently it doesnt play well with three.)

So Im asking is there way for composer to target individal objects - or are there js libraries that do that that play well with three?

I know gsap does, but are there others specifically suited to the task that I might not know about?

Cheers and thanks in advance!

maybe your can see example – three.js examples way your say can achieved

Wow thanks.
Looked at the code for that spheres/click example and it seems really complicated. They’re doing things that are way beyond my level. Guess I’ll find a workaround till I get that good at coding.