Eeerie - A soothing experience in weird times

An interactive experience placing your image (webcam) in this eerie new universe.

#threejs #blender #gltf

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This is not loading for me. I just get the deep blue background and endless loading spinner.

What is it? I only get a black screen. Does it break if I don’t have a camera?

I guess a black screen IS pretty eerie.


Yes, i think you need to have a camera because it seems to work only with the movement of your head.

Anyway i don’t see any other kind of iteration. You just have to move your head up and down or left to right end that… pulsing rock will follow your movement. Nice try but i don’t understand the meaning of the project :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your face will also reflect in the rock. I scared myself a little…

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Haha! Thanks for the reactions & feedback!
Yes, it needs webcam & mic access. It’s a small experiment we did reacting to this weird times and seeing our image in so many videocalls and videoconferencing.

There is now a little loading and we fixed a couple bugs.