DragControls not working after modifying plane vertices

I’m creating a plane geometry and based on that Mesh. After that I’m moving vertices of that plane, set the flags named ‘needUpdate’ to true and after that when I hover or want to click on modified plane it it not possible. It seems that ‘old’ geometry is taken into account during checking intersections despite the fact that proper mesh is displayed. After modification of vertices, the intersection is only still found within the old geometry. (look at the attached image). To illustrate the context, I’m adding what I want to achieve - the possibility of manipulating the image with handles

Could you help me?


Please demonstrate this issue with a live example.

I investigate the issue and I’ve found a solution. computeBoundingSphere() was necessary to trigger
(except planeGeometry.verticesNeedUpdate = true and planeGeometry.elementsNeedUpdate = true)

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