Denser models don't load maps and colors


I’m new to three.js and I’m experiencing a small problem.
I’m trying to load a model of a Playstation Dualshock I made in Blender.
I exported different versions of the model.

One of the versions is denser than the others and for some reason neither color nor materials are loaded.
The model itself is loaded in black and the result is quite decent. But without colours is not as good as it should be.

Does someone know if after a certain number of vertex or a certain file weight three.js stops loading textures and materials?

This is the model I loaded so far.
I’d like to keep it as smooth as it is but I’d also like to be able to include textures…

Thank you!

What do you mean with “dense”? Do you mean the model has a higher amount of vertices and faces?

No, there is no such limit in the library. Is it possible for you to share the problematic model in this thread?