Demo: interactive armchair

Demonstration: patterning in wall, bode, chair; changing chair feet.
based on version THREE 82

It’s nice. I played with several designs. I like that you have not forgotten the rubber pads for the legs.

From aesthetic perspective, you might increase the number of polygons in order to make the curves smoother. From UI perspective, the selection of textures might be improved. For example, when I select the material of the legs, they are hidden behind the panel with textures. It would be more polite if I can click on various textures and see immediately (without additional clicks) the new armchair.

thank you. yes, you are right - the operation is not optimal. It is a preliminary study - what could be done.
So then another project came about where I got to build many pens (+plugin programming):

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I have found another older version. The chair can be converted into a rocking chair:

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