Demo: Backhoe with a breaker

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I built this app after having followed Bruno Simon’s course (Three.js Journey :+1::+1: )

One can understand how such a construction engine works and discover the technology :gear: of a hydraulic rock breaker.
The scene includes animations controlled by user interaction (control panel) and some other pre-recorded in the 3D files.
Texts in the page / scene / textures can be instantly switch to English, French or German.
Trigonal - Brise-roche


How long did it take you to get to this skill level?

I had already a good experience with 3D stuff, including real-time 3D. I had worked with few Unity developers but I wasn’t able to.
8 month ago I didn’t know what javascript was. I started with three.js example, trying to adapt them to my projects. Was hard.
Bruno Simon’s course was perfect for me. 4 month to follow all the course and work on my project, maybe 5.


I have only done Chris Course’s introduction to Three.js Crash Course, so maybe two hours overall.

I have completed freeCodeCamp’s HTML and JavaScript certifications along with AP CSP & A (not very hard though).

I worked a lot with JavaScript, but never on a scale of working with objects on the webpage or working with NPM. I only started working with NPM last week.

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