Data type for the clippingPlanes uniform?

// from <clipping_planes_pars_fragment>


    #if ! defined( PHYSICAL ) && ! defined( PHONG ) && ! defined( MATCAP )

      varying vec3 vViewPosition;


    uniform vec4 clippingPlanes[ NUM_CLIPPING_PLANES ];


I’m writing some code in my custom shader to clip parts of my model. I digged around stackoverflow and found out that I need to bring certain blocks of shader code, like above, into my custom shader in order to make clipping planes work.

What kind/format of data should I be setting for the uniform vec4 clippingPlanes?

THREE.Vector4(), if that uniform is vec4.
Where x, y, z are data for plane’s normal, and w is its constant.
What is what in THREE.Plane(), see in the docs.

Actually I figured it out! Thank you for the reply!