Css3d objects dissapears

I have two renderers , one css3d and one webgl.

When I tween move the camera between objects, more often than not, the css3d object that is in front of the camera disappears when the tween starts or ends.

You can see the problem here, http://mdma.gr/three, just click a few times to reproduce the problem

Thanks in advance

It seems that the problem has occurred because I was setting location.hash. There is a version wihtout the location hash at http://mdma.gr

The problem might be related to your camera animations. Right now you call moveCameraToProject() on each click which means you perform multiple tweens at the same time. Maybe you can avoid the mentioned problem by removing the previous camera animations in order to ensure only one active camera tween at any time. This is also done in the following example:


The transform function uses TWEEN.removeAll();. But you can also use TWEEN.remove() to remove particular tween objects.

Thanks for the feedback.
You are right about tween.remove but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

I think it’s best if you try to isolate the problem in a small live example. Besides, a fiddle makes it easier to debug the code and verify possible solutions.

yes , I might do that , thanks again