Creating half a dodecahedron

Hi everyone!

How can I build half a dodecahedron?
My use case is: I have a shape that morphs in this website
I works by warping a complete dodecahedron but most vertices are offscreen and consuming resources.

I would love to get rid of all the vertices in the upper half. I have tried the naive approach of removing the vertices above a certain Y value, but it results in a lot of glitches.


Have you considered to model your geometry in Blender, export to glTF and then use THREE.GLTFLoader for the import? In this way, it’s easy to control how the geometry should look like.

You could even author the morph target/blend shape animation in Blender.


It is possible to use PlaneGeometry instead of DodecahedronGeometry. In this way there will be much less wasted vertices.

– Pavel