[cookie cutter] how to code a website that convert any 2D image into 3D cookie cutter model ready for 3D printing?

Hello All~
I have a product idea which is to turn any 2D image into a 3D cookie cutter for 3D printing:

  1. input Instragram feed link (e.g. illustration)
  2. convert into a black outliner image
  3. turn the outliner image into cookie cutter 3D model (e.g. https://drawsth3d.com/)
  4. save as stl file for printing

I am just a beginner. I hope anyone here can give me some suggestions on what tools/coding language I should look into, thanks heaps!

You’ll need to run an edge detection algorithm on the image. The Sobel operator is the most common one used although it can be hard to get clean enough lines to use for something like 3D printing. However, if you start with an illustration with clean lines (like the examples in drawsth3d.com) it would probably work.


There are other edge detection algorithms that might be more effective for your goal, for example:

Thanks Looeee for your prompt reply! to be honest I am not a progammer so it’s hard to for me get
through the alogrithm logic… Meanwhile, I found another way that is to change the image into coloring page for kids (like this: ScrapColoring - Convert your Drawings and Photos to Coloring Pages ), it is feasible! however, I am not sure how the scrapcoloring site works.

Hi ,
I would suggest using an external library to convert illustrator files into DXF files, and extrude those objects. Or just import DXF files.