Complex .gltf Fbs Problem

Hi guys I have big and complex gltf file I can’t control it. How can solve FBS problem ?

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By reducing the complexity of the gltf file :sweat_smile: Try splitting it into several smaller models and load on-demand.

I have to load all of parts of this model :sleepy:

How many meshes? 1000 meshes with single texture is 1000 draw calls and about 9ms time.

too much of them this a machine with all of parts

If the model is very complex you can still try optimising it using LODs and toggling on/off parts that aren’t visible at all times.

Brute-forcing a very complex model on the screen will fail in three just as well as it would in Unreal Engine :see_no_evil: (UE would be a bit more forgiving ofc)

Merge objects with same material to decrease draw calls


How can use LODs for .gltf files ?

please send me an exmple;

To see info about amount of triangles, draw calls, try this script renderer_stats.js (2.2 KB)

var stats=new Stats();



Thank you for reply but now I have appendChild error, what should I do ?

You already have got Stats.js. Find his code and add this at bottom, but modify. Or send your code and i add.

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:frowning: what are you thinking about that ?

Delete this.
And If you are using module, then you need to set “let renderer;” out of module like this: