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Hi, I am a french student and my ambition is to become game develloper. Next year I will join ESGI (Ecole Supérieur de Génie Informatique) school at Paris to follow a formation in Virtual reality and video game engineering on block release training. To follow this training i need to find a company the work rate is 1 school week / 3 business weeks.
I have alredy work with Unity, Unreal Engine and Threejs. I master C/C++/C#, HTML/CSS/JS, SQL, Java, Python, …
I have already some project that you can find here: I have also a website that introduces me and my project :

Best regards,

CV_GuillonMaxime_englishVersion.pdf (187.2 KB)

You may have a look here:

PS. I’m not related to Kenney in any way. I just used some of their 3D assets from and noticed they have free position for students.

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