Combining diffrent obj models with three js

Hello guys, I want to create a simple PC configurator. For example user selects individual parts and the application displays the finished pc model (gpu, cooler, mobo, ram, power supply in case.) Is it possible with this technology?

Yes, that’s possible. But asking such general question is problematic since other community members don’t provide you a detailed step-by-step plan for the implementation. If you ask more specific questions, it’s much easier to get useful answers.

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There is no need to combine models and that might make it extremely hard for no reason.

Build it in modules and use transforms to place them really close.

I built something like this when starting out, sorry don’t have the code anymore, many pc resets since than.

What I ended up doing was to have insert points(locations for the pins and such) on my models,

basically a vector/location where the pins merge/connect relative to the model. So if I moved the motherboard a bit or say shifted a case style, then everything attached to the mobo still stayed the same.

The case was supposed to have empty spots where the pins could connect(maybe attach a list of possible connectors) and have it show red if it didn’t have compatibility.

The idea was to expand a lot further, but I never did, although I might just make this again for my portfolio piece.

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