Color settings for scene and objects


I’ve found very painfull to setup the light for scene to match same colors for both textured mesh and just colored mesh without texture. The colors are different. Is it possible to make it similar somehow ? Just colored mesh reacts very powerfull on HemisphereLight/AmbientLight intensity instead of textured mesh, which is reacts on SpotLight. If I change intensity of SpotLight (for example, on 30-50) to make textured color not dark but much lighter… just colored mesh looks similar to white like overburn (especially when color is not full bodied, but slightly green 0xceffce, for example) while other lights intensity such as HemisphereLight/AmbientLight almost zero, i.e. 0.1… Or for example, colored mesh with color orange looks like yellow… I wounder is it possible to set lights to make similar look for colored mesh (which color is set to 0xceffce, for example) and textured (with same color 0xceffce)?? Maybe there is some tricks or common rules ?

Which types of materials are you using?

Sorry, to didn’t mentioned it previously - MeshStandardMaterial for both textured and just colored mesh.

And I’ve changing color also for both meshes and for now color on texture is same I’ve set from color palette but same color on colored mesh looks different…by colored mesh I mean color property of material without map (texture). and I’ve trying to make it same on both meshes.

All rest settings like emissive of material are same and default.

Here is an example attached of what I’m talking about:

I feel like this entire discussion may be exactly the same issue :sweat_smile:

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Thank you a lot :slight_smile: it looks like same problem… I’ve make convertSRGBtoLinear() for colored mesh it now looks better, but it is still not same visually: