Cancel a load request?

I created a loader for DAE files for a clients job using the ColladaLoader, which all seemed to be working fine, except for some reason some of the machines on their network just couldn’t load the .dae files. I’ve only got a small window of screenshare time to try debugging the problem, and for the life of me I couldn’t work out why the files wouldn’t load. Even if you navigated directly to the .dae files in the system, their network just wouldn’t allow you to download them, which is what happens for me on my network.

Anyway, the only resolution I could come up with is to provide a backup gLTF file, which it will load if it can’t use the .dae.

The current problem is that it will try to load the .dae file, but it’ll attempt for 30 seconds before the server times out the request, so I wanted to try to put a timeout function in my javascript, that will wait for 5~ seconds after it’s been called, and then if it never starts to load, cancel the load request, and move to the backup file.

Can I cancel the loadingmanager load method once it’s started in anyway?


This sounds like a server configuration error to me. Can you make sure that the server is configured to allow downloading of .dae files?

I can download it myself fine, it seems to only be certain computers on the clients network, I’ve spoken to our server technicians and they’ve said there doesn’t appear to be any obvious cause of the problem