Camera position is inverted?

Hi guys I am stuck on some basic stuff I can’t understand this.

I have a basic mesh and I move the camera on the x-axis two units on the right/positive but the mesh seam to be rotated the other way around, can anybody explain what is happening or I am seeing this the wrong way?

hey @Tibi

from looking at your screenshot this behaviour looks as expected, you’re moving the camera into positive x space meaning you’d be viewing the plane from the “right” which is waht you’re seeing… what is the expected behaviour you are intending to achieve? feel free to share a live jsFiddle / codepen, this may help outline better what you mean also…

Hi @ forerunrun and thank you.

I am sorry I don’t know how to use codepen… I would have expected to be like this since I am moving the camera to the right and is looking at the mesh

, what I am missing?

I’m not sure i understand, in the latest image you’ve shared you’ve moved the camera to the left or into minus space and are looking at the model, this is as expected, the camera view is simply like you were holding a camera in world space, if you move right with the camera wile looking at the plane you get your original image as expected, if you move left with the camera while looking at the plane you get the latest image you shared as expected… As i say, I’m not sure i understand the issue or result you’re trying to achieve without more explanation or live environment that demonstrates what you’re trying to achieve…

Please look at the first example the camera position x is set to 2, I would have expected to look like the second image not like the first one, I don understand the rotation x when the camera is looking at the object, I feel like is inverted and make no sense.

Yes this is correct, the axes helper x axis (red) is pointing into positive x space, you’re moving the camera into positive x space hence viewing the plane from the right…

Here’s a very simple diagram to demonstrate what’s happening here…

The green camera looking at the plane gives the blue square at the bottom left, the red camera looking at the plane gives the orange angle + perspective distorted shape at the bottom right, this is how perspective works so I’m still not sure I understand what outcome you are expecting…?

If you simply want + x camera space to make the camera go left, you can simply move your camera into negative z space and continue to lookAt the plane, this may cause more trouble than necessary though…

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Thank you for the drawing, I thought it should be the other way around, I need time to get usd to this I come from the 2D world :slight_smile: , I have a lot of experience with JavaScript and normal Web dev, but using ThreeJs I get stuck at the most basic stuff, is so frustrating.

This is what I did so far in 2D FWDesign's profile on CodeCanyon