C/OGL to Emscripten to WebGL dev


we are looking for a freelancer to join our team for an > 6 months project. Salary is uber - team is nicey!
Feel free to get back/contact me…


Hi Josuar,

some more details would be nice;)
What’s the topic of thatproject and where is it located?


Hi Björn,

the project is about building a 3D renderer in C++/openGL and being able to target WebGL via Emscripten as well.

The 3D renderer must be able to target:

  • WebGL
  • Provide a Postprocessing Pipeline for adding effects
  • The renderer can target both worlds: Offline via C++/openGL, online via Emscripten to WebGL
  • There are no third-party libs (like threejs) allowed

The salary is 600 Eur a day, the project runs minimum 6 months (phase 1) and will have a phase 2 as well

Would that be something you have time for and be interested in?
Feel free (Björn and/or anyone) to PM me:
0lds1lverb4ck[ at ]gmail.com