Building three.js features for autonomous robots/vehicles with exciting customers Zipline, Rivian, Nuro, …

I’m Otto, CEO & co-founder of We’re building multi-sensor labeling tooling for autonomous use cases in automotive & robotics. Our customers (such as Zipline, Rivian, Nuro, John Deere, aiMotive, Torc Robotics, etc.) are building robots that all have 1 or more LiDARs, 1 or more cameras and 1 or more radars - which all need to be labeled in order for them to train their perception models.

We built the current state of with a stellar engineering team of 4 (you can try it here without account needed) and are looking for the best people to take it to the next level. For this specific role, we’re looking for someone with advanced Vue.js capabilities - Three.js and WebGL is a significant plus. You’ll collaborate directly with Bert (CTO) & engineering team and you’ll work on multiple things: from optimizing specific functions to building new tooling & interfaces altogether.

The entire team consists of 8 people, we’re remote and we have >4 years of cash runway. We’re the first Belgian startup in YC. If you’re interested, send me a message or drop us a mail at

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i will love to join your team.
I don’t know if you will have a documentation maintainer or writer for your product?
Do you accept someone with react.js?
i have three.js skill and will love to be part of you team.
Thanks! I will love to hear from you

Hello, Mr Otto.
I have ready your post carefully and am interested in your post.
I have rich experience with Three.js, WebGL and other technologies.
Now I am ready to work with you and waiting your good chance.
Thank you.

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