Bruno Simon tutorial materilas

Hello there I am tring to learn to make something on top of Bruno Simon portfolio, I want to add some of my objects and tweak things a little bit.
output.glb (152.6 KB)
base.glb (23.8 KB)
But when I change his objects to mine I get different colors than in blender or editor.

This is what I get:
image (1)

And this is what it is suppose to look:

This is his portfolio source code that I am tring to tweak:

Please can anyone help?

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I hope you leave Bruno’s credit in the code somewhere if you are planning to make a new site from it, anyway that being said my guess would be its the lighting color it usually is

Sure I would live him credits if I go online with this. But I just one to learn something it will be runned only localy. :smiley: Well MeshBasicMaterials shouldn’t be affected with lights? Am I wrong?