Broken uv on mesh after Fbx loader

When I try to load a texture on a mesh with several materials, it can be seen that the uv is broken

image Model after Fbx2glTF

image Model after FbxLoader

image Hierarchy model

link to model: Spartan_Sketchfab.fbx - Google Drive

Do you mind sharing the FBX in this topic? Besides, how is the model supposed to look like?

How are you viewing the model after converting with Fbx2glTF?

in babylon.sandbox

i added fbx link from google drive.

I can reproduce the texture coordinate breakage as shown as in your second screenshot.

Do you have the asset from Sketchfab? If so, can you please try the glTF export and then load the asset with GLTFLoader?

I downloaded gltf files from sketchfab and tested model in threejs editor

The same problem occurs when loading gltf
image gtlf

but when loading packed glb everything is fine
image packed glb

initially I wanted to use fbxloader to convert to gltf, but apparently fbxloader cannot split submeshes normally :frowning:

I realized that if you import the model immediately with textures, then everything is fine, but if you try to change the texture after, then a problem appears.

I have not specified the wrapping texture. I close the topic.