Bounding box for planeGeometry and latheGeometry is wrong

I can’t get there correct bounding box for planeGeometry and latheGeometry. For boxGeometry and cylinderGeometry bounding box works well, but for latheGeometry bounding box coordinates is 0. I can’t find any idea how to fix it.

var geo = new LatheGeometry( points, 10 );
console.log ( geo.boundingBox )

version 140

it’s a bit of an obvious question but the only one that may be relative to the resulting bounding box being 0,0,0… your points is an array of vector2’s right? any chance you can share how you’re creating that array?

also, in the documentation it’s stated that

points — Array of Vector2s. The x-coordinate of each point must be greater than zero.

although it also goes on to say…

Default is an array with (0,-0.5), (0.5,0) and (0,0.5) which creates a simple diamond shape.

which is contradictory to the previous statement…

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I create array of points with Shape

var p = new Shape();
p.moveTo ( 0.001, 0 ); 
p.lineTo ( 40, 0 ); 
p.lineTo ( 40, 10 ); 
p.lineTo ( 50, 10 ); 
p.lineTo ( 50, 0 ); 
var points = p.getPoints();
var geo = new LatheGeometry( points, 10 );
console.log ( geo.boundingBox )

After changing first point from 0 to 0.001 a have a different result, but still wrong. The min values calculated right, but max values the same of min. A similar result can be obtained for PlaneGeometry

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce your result. Using the same code, I get different min and max. Could you try to make an online demo (on CodePen or other system)?

Here is what I get:

Which version of ThreeJS are you using?

This is what I have :thinking:

Tried with r140 and r150. Both work fine.

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I found the problem. I’m using three.min.js, but after changing to three.js bounding box was calculate correctly. Thank you for help

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so the issue is with rollup/terser then? maybe @Mugen87 knows why or where to report it :smiley: