Bitburger Maibock: Innovative 3D Web Experience Concept

Hello Three.js community!

We are thrilled to present a concept project we developed for Bitburger Maibock. Although Bitburger is not our customer yet, we envision this project as a testament to the potential of Three.js in creating visually compelling and interactive 3D web experiences.

Key Features:

  • Focus on the Product: The Bitburger bottle remains the focal point throughout the experience, ensuring that users’ attention is always on the product.
  • Visual Experience: The site prioritizes visual engagement, with high-quality graphics and interactive elements that captivate users.
  • Key Tastes Visualization: The distinct tastes of Bitburger beer are visualized, allowing users to almost taste the beer through the screen.
  • Bitburger CI Texturing: The texturing and design elements are adapted to match Bitburger’s corporate identity, providing a cohesive and brand-aligned experience.

Technologies Used:

  • Three.js: For rendering high-quality 3D graphics and creating interactive elements.
  • Blender: For creating and optimizing 3D models.

This concept project showcases our ability to deliver high-performance web experiences with stunning 3D visuals. We believe it could set a new standard for digital engagement for brands like Bitburger. We are excited to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Explore the concept site here: Bitburger Maibock

Learn more about us and our other projects at Lewo Media.

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions!

Best regards,
The Lewo Media Team

Famous graffito by unknown author:

Wenn ich Deinen Hals berühr’,
Deinen Mund an meinem spür’,
Oh wie sehn’ ich mich nach Dir:
heissgeliebte Flasche Bier!

I like the tiny CO2 bubbles rising from the bottom of the beer pool and the barely noticeable droplets of condensed humidity around the neck of the cooled “Stubbi” bottle. Comes really close to “the real thing”!

The charging ram is of course a dramatic eye catcher, but I estimate the fine details better.

The cut-over from the charging ram through (what is only recognized on fourth or fifth repetition as) a faint reflection on the naked bottle, then back to the still decal of the Maibock comes as too abrupt for my taste.

Must have been fun working on this project. Cheers! :beers:

P.S.: the whole animation produces a hefty load on both CPU and GPU, even when apparently idle, i.e. no user interaction and no visible movements on screen.