Aura shader translation. [Unity HLSL -> GLSL]

Hi! I’m new on GLSL and I’ve been trying to adapt-translate this Aura Unity Shader HLSL Code here with a ShaderMaterial, this is my progress so far: Demo.

I have some progress on the fragment shader, but I have been stuck with vertex shader translation, not sure what calculations should I do to obtain viewDir or normalDir.

v2f vert(appdata v) {
		v2f o;
		o.pos = UnityObjectToClipPos(v.vertex);
		float3 norm = normalize(mul((float3x3)UNITY_MATRIX_IT_MV, v.normal));// set v.normal to v.vertex if you have hard normals
		float2 offset = TransformViewToProjection(norm.xy);
		o.pos.xy += offset * _Outline * o.pos.z;
		o.pos.z += _OutlineZ;// push away from camera
		o.normalDir = normalize(mul(float4(v.normal, 0), unity_WorldToObject).xyz); // normal direction
		o.viewDir = normalize(WorldSpaceViewDir(v.vertex)); // view direction
		return o;

I’ve been helping myself with this resources too:
JsFiddle Fresnel Example
Godot Shaders Aura Translation

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks :pray:t2:.

I could give you the exact answer, but where would be the fun in that, right?

So here’s a pretty close next best thing:

Here’s the folder with shader pieces, look for pieces with normal in their name. Good luck!

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