Anyone is working on gltf-asset-auditor

I need to install gltf-asset-auditor using npm and need to integrate with threejs code. I installed this library by

> npm i @khronosgroup/gltf-asset-auditor

and import library like this -

import { Auditor } from '@khronosgroup/gltf-asset-auditor';

when I try to build my code it gives me following error-


Can someone guide me in this to solve this error and is there any tutorial or documentation for this?

Have you tried filing an issue directly in GitHub - KhronosGroup/gltf-asset-auditor: Check glTF file attributes against commerce application use case requirements?

No, I didn’t raise any issue there.

Hi @Gundeep_Singh Are you looking to collaborate on a project?

Hi @Deekshant_Vaishnav, what is the type of project? Can you elaborate?

Could you connect with me to discuss the project further? @

Sure, I send you a connection invite