Any way to control clearcoat's IOR?


Might be a very simple question, but I just can’t find any information on the topic.
Is there any way I can control IOR of the clearcoat on physical material?

Would much appreciate any information.

have you tried

THREE.MeshPhysicalMaterial doesn’t offer a separate IOR property for the clearcoat layer, only for the base layer and iridescence. If there’s a particular effect you can’t achieve with those properties (also see three.js docs) then you may need to file a feature request on GitHub, or experiment with modifying the material.

Thanks for the links! I did try, but this ior only controls base layer, as mentioned below.

Yeah, that is what I was wondering about.

Not really a specific effect, rather in a lot of cases I need to control glancing reflection strength on clearcoat, but still leave promiment reflection on perpendicular (normal) angled-surfaces.

I am not very versed in rendering programming, but I’ll try to look into it.
Thanks you