Animation amplification

I have a animation clip that I would like to modulate with external factors at one time I’m wondering how I’m going to influence the keyframes of the animation at the wheel and runtime so that I can tell it to either be quieter or be a lot more bigger. can I for example, set a weight factor larger than one so all the rotations will carry a bigger number than originally the animation clip has. I might want to slightly change the key frame value numbers in every frame, and this thing is influenced by something happening at run time and there is no way that I can set the rule before hand. any ideas?

You divide between key frames and animation by code. You use key frames for scripted orchestration, the downside is that you lose control. Even if you find a way around it, a spinning wheel is not that, you should animate it by code.

To animate a relatively complex moves (e.g., a fight move of a few seconds by an avatar) by code seems unmanageable/unachievable to me. My scenario is I’d like to modulate the existing clip by the volume of a background music loop. The higher is the volume of the bg music, the “fuller” is the avatar’s fight move. The avatar will need to turn into idle position when the music is off, even when the animation action is still playing. Is there some kind of additive weighted mechanism out there for my use case, I’m wondering?