Anaglyph Stereo

How can I set anaglyph zero-parallax and eye-separation.
Got it working but, needs adjustment for space …
The import is AnaglyphEffect.js

Interesting app there! So I’m just a beginner with WebGL and three, but I think you will have to create your own modified version of AnaglyphEffect.js. I think you can then change eye-separation by accessing the eyeSep property on the StereoCamera object, for example _stereo.eyeSep = 0.7. By zero-parallax do you mean to make the L and R view points never converge (both looking straight ahead)? If that’s the case and that’s not what it does, perhaps it could be done by adjusting the the orthographic camera frustum or using a different type of camera in it’s place? Just a hunch… I’m totally out of my element here.

Interesting. Zero Parallax is the point some distance out there, where blue side switches to red in the background. Works ok at cam2 distance if the target size r=1.
There’s a bit of code there, enough to get you started,
answering math questions one might have on several subjects.
Here gravity matches orbital element positions, eliminating thousands of trig calls per frame, leaving resources for things like ShaderMaterial.

something wasnt right on startup. new version uploaded, hit ctrl F5