Admins and Moderators

Yes, I have made contributions to Three.js, I recently (today) made a pull request (my first one) on Github.

I have also been in the process of creating a CANNON.js and THREE.js Mix-in engine, it’s not near being finished, but if you want to check it out:

Even with this, I have pretty extensive knowledge of Three.js, having been reviewing the source code for over two years. I haven’t made much commits, because I have been working on making projects using Three.js and working on making game engines that Utilize Three.js in an awesome way. I really do think I could handle this job, seeing as most of the other Mods will not be able to spend 5-10 hrs+ on this every day.


I recently began the production of FathomJS, because I have been on vacation, and working on making a game. But I finally began my dream project. I hope I can really become the moderator everyone wants

I have made some stackoverflow mentions, and some small tidbits, however, I always assumed somethings like this already existed, and didn’t need me. I really want to devote myself to Three.js, and I really hope I can be the Admin you guys need!

I actually did answer a question on here today:

I have also come across some really nice recording technology, so I could make some nice tutorials for Three.js

@TheCodeCrafter fair enough. With great power comes great responsibility.

Thanks so much for this opportunity! I will manage this site very well.

I do have one more question:

I know what a basic Moderator/Admin’s responsibility’s are, however, are there any key things you want to mention?

The objective is to increase the capabilities of three.js and its community. Anything that supports that should be welcome.

I also think keeping categories to a minimum at first is useful. Let’s use this thread to discuss the necessity of adding new categories or sub categories. I would prefer people use tags in their post titles, and then we can review after some time some tags that make sense to upgrade to a category or sub category.

Gotcha. See the other questions?

There are few differences between an admin and a moderator. For now, let’s keep it this way. This is just the beginning :slight_smile:

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That’s absolutely right! Plus: the only thing Moderators can’t do that Administrators can’t (that matters for my duties) is create categories, refresh browsers, and (possibly, I’m not 100% sure) change site contents. This is all fine with me. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

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Thanks so much for setting this up, looks great!

Are we limited to 5 moderators at a time?

Are we limited to 5 moderators at a time?

Technically, yes. The deal with discourse limits us to 5 mods at a time for some reason. You interested?

Wait. Five Mods online at once? Or 5 total? I couldn’t tell the difference?..

5 mods total, at any given time.

That’s an odd limit. We’ll have to see if it becomes a problem.

Yes, can you add me?

Done. With great power comes great responsibility!


Welcome to the crew.

Thank you.

Unfortunately I’m very busy the next couple of days, I’ll give this some attention ASAP though.

Well, I’m basically here 24/7, so your all good! :wink:

Thanks all. Let’s let this place breathe and revisit our needs for moderation in the near future.

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