«ЗА РУЛЕМ» — A hypnotic toy from the Soviet Union

Checkout the video on Twitter: https://twitter.com/diakur/status/1384122543418712071
Play it on https://зарулем.borisdiakur.com

Principle of the game: The disc with roads and bridges rotates with the help of an electric motor. Under the disk there is a bar that can be swung left and right using the steering wheel. The little car is magnetized to the bar. When the disk starts to rotate, the car stays in place and can be steered using the steering wheel, until it crashes against a wall.

Trivia: Like several other toys in the Soviet Union, «ЗА РУЛЕМ» is a copy of a US toy: “U Drive it”, released 1974 (three years earlier). While slightly different in design, the principle of the game is identical — a rotating disc, a magnet car, steering wheel and gears.

I used cannon-es for the physics part. howlerjs for audio effects. Blender for creating the models. A dozen other libs for this and that. And of course three.js.

Hope you enjoy it. :red_car:


A dream game from childhood :slight_smile:

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I’ve had that one once).


Fantastic! Now you need to create the new generated level where roads are different.

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What do you mean? If we had that - then everyone would have a different level, and some would have better levels than others. In my opinion There can be only one