3D Ring Gaps in Geometry

Hello community,
my question to you what is the best way to bring gap into a geometry so that there are no long loading times.

Is it the way with CSG (3D boolean operations) or with Displacment and Normalmap or a own Shader? The gap should be able to be changed afterwards in width, depth and shape.

I hope you can help me there to go the right way :slight_smile:

Attached an example

Sorry, but Iā€™m afraid your question is not clear. Especially the relation between loading times and the mentioned techniques (CSG etc.) seems to make no sense.

Do you mind elaborating in more detail what you are looking for?

My direct question is: How can I get the gap in the ring so that I can change the width, height and shape. Can I do this using a Boolean operation or is there another way. I listened and read that Boolean operations take a long time to calculate live.

they do if you use the code that assumes general case. for specific case like ring and specific gaps you could write the code that performs faster. but it is still medium-hard task to do. you could try shader-based or stencil-based csg, but again it is medium-hard or hard task. you cant really cut the corners here, afaik.