3D Press Kit Game

Hey everyone, We made a game for a band using THREE :slight_smile: have a little play here Ralph Of London | GAME

Built for Ralph Of London by us 3DPK (Jacob Dylan and i) with outline pass help from @prisoner849

Let us know what you think :slight_smile:



Well done! Voice sounds a bit creepy. Also, I found controls a bit off, as you steer - you kind of lose sight of where you’re going. I do like the retro feel and the color scheme!

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Thanks man, what os did you try from?

Thanks for pointing out the copyright I should have that fixed and also put three js in the credits, the source should be open on inspection though, it’s a bit of a mess but does what it needs to aha

win 11 x64
Chrome 99

I, for one, appreciate a good name :slight_smile:

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