3d Playable ads: Invalid fourth party call/Google ads

Greetings, everybody!

Need help with three.js for google ads playable! I made a simple playable ads with three.js however google constantly bans it. That’s what i got from google —-> “Invalid fourth party call” and , “Unacceptable HTML5 ad”

Undetected external references - issue in our case
Non-Google fonts (Google fonts repository); basically any fonts that are embedded directly in the file and not referenced from the fonts.google.com domain will cause the disapproval.
Assets embedded in child frames.

Had anybody ran into this issue? Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance! Have a good day!

You probably want to file an issue at the Google Ads support and find out if WebGL is blocked in general.

Greetings! Thanks for the hint! Google support unfortunately didnt give any precise answer… they only say that mistake is in the third party url request - data:application/octet-stream;base64,p… but that is my gtlf model