3D house configurator

Hi everyone!
I made a 3D house configurator with three.js.


How can I improve it more?

Please give me suggestions.

Thank you



Here are some suggestions:

  • Shadows
  • Night mode
  • VR mode, so you can walk inside
  • Possibility to go upstairs
  • Remove slight glitches like gaps and overlaps between elements
  • Is it possible to reduce the loading time (or at least add some form of progress bar)?
  • The light of external lamps is strange (it darkens parts of the wall)
  • The reflection of the flat roof is as if there are windows in the sky
  • When the user clicks on an object (e.g. the door) its configuration parameters could be automatically shown (now the user has to manually scroll all config params)
  • When the config panel is collapsed, its scrollbar is still visible
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Very nice! And that’s from someone who’s been making this sort of thing for 14 years :slight_smile:

I think you hit a good balance between realism and file size.

If I should find something I’d change, the roof is way too reflective.
And I can tell you the next thing your client will ask for is for it to run on mobile.


@PavelBoytchev @Peter_Devine
Thank you

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Great. I wanted to make it like this project before.

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Love the work, maybe we can optimize it performance wise.